Sonja Sajzor Maggie Ray DJ XOXO Garden 07.09.2018. Drugstore

Sonja Sajzor Maggie Ray DJ XOXO Garden 07.09.2018. Drugstore
Bulevar Despota Stefana 115 Beograd
Back to school, babes! Season 4 of Sonja Sajzor’s parties is in session September 7th!

23h – 01h Maggie Ray
01h – 04h Sonja Sajzor
After-party 04 – 08 DJ XOXO

Tickets 300 RSD at the door.

Dj – XoXo – An uprising name on Belgrade’s DJ scene, very well known as the event producer behind the fire sheading FAM parties. Recognizable for his unspeakable knowledge of trap tunes.

Sonja Sajzor – Belgrade based event producer, DJ, singer, songwriter and art director. One of creative directors at Drugstore Beograd and Kulturni Centar Grad. Named “Belgrade’s new queer icon“ by Dazed and confused magazine. Recognizable as a DJ for 90s and early 2000s nostalgia combined with alternative pop, rap and RnB hits.

MAGGIE RAY (aka Margareta Railić) – Non-binary in all the ways possible. She hails from the bare beginnings of pop as we know it and glances over delicious trap tunes to create an unique experionce for every listener. Between Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster and Travis Scott’s Astroworld where everyone is welcome, lies the Notorious Miss Ray.

C ya on the dance floor, you beautiful children.❤️


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