Beyond House pres. Mozhgan (San Francisco,USA) + Ali Guney & Doo 23.11.2019. klub 20/44

Beyond House pres. Mozhgan (San Francisco,USA) + Ali Guney & Doo 23.11.2019. klub 20/44
Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia
Just the day after her Eastern European debut in Sofia San Francisco’s Mozhgan will be joining us on one of the last Beyond House parties for this year!
◼️ She’s a sonic alchemist in search of the darker side of dance music and its mysterious and intriguing sounds.
◼️Iranian-born Mozhgan grew up across several US states before finding her base in San Francisco. It was there where she and her cohorts, Solar and Jason Greer created the now super well-reputed We Are Monsters parties and delved into the world of subversive sounds still suitable for the dancefloor.
◼️We Are Monsters grew to become one of SF’s best-loved parties, their history filled with amazingly lucid electronic music. Since then Mozhgan has been recognized internationally as an immensely talented DJ, becoming a regular on the global circuit with sets at cult places like De School, Panorama Bar and Dekmantel, and we are super happy to host her for the first time in Belgrade on legendary boat 20.44!

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