X Bday / Prins Thomas (Oslo, Norway) / Dj Brka & Dj Sin 26.04.2019. klub 20/44

X Bday / Prins Thomas (Oslo, Norway) / Dj Brka & Dj Sin 26.04.2019. klub 20/44
Usce bb, Beograd
X Bday / Prins Thomas (Oslo, Norway) / Dj Brka & Dj Sin
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The spirit of a DJ bio is boring, self-centered, and egotistical.
Prins Thomas knows that all too well and fears the result: Someone who makes him sound like the best DJ in the world…although most people would love such a comment on their skills.

It has to be the very laid-back nature of his residence Oslo that makes him overmodest. Except for his peers Hans-Peter Lindstrom (Feedelity Records) and Todd Terje who he works and records with and some of the city’s legendary characters like the idiosyncratic Rune Lindbæk or the mysterious DJ Strangefruit, that place is nowhere as busy, hectic and all-important as some of Europe’s club capitals like to portray themselves. When it comes to the musical output, Prins and his royal household leads di way though, as dub poets might say. Together with Hans-Peter Lindstrom, Thomas created the climax of the on-going fascination with retro futurism and their self-titled debut album for the Belgian Eskimo Label.

His own label Full Pupp has some of the best house-not-house, neo-disco or call-itwhat- you-want dance music records to offer that you heard in a long time. All done by exclusive Norwegian talent, a new outfit called Internasjonal will join the global dots with producers from all corners of the known-world, where he currently turns up every weekend with a crate of vinyl, his record grips and an immaculate way to play with it. In other words, there is no stopping him now.“Your philosophy in life?
Enjoy it for the short time it lasts!”
— Prins Thomas
Local Support Dj Brka (Resident)
Dj Sin
1200 / 1500
No guest list for this one !!!


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