Kosovo: Momenat u civilizaciji – premijera 03.11.2017. Svetosavski dom Nis

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Prijezdina 7, Niš
Event date:03.11.2017

Movie Premiere “Kosovo: The Moment in Civilization” at Svetosavki dom Nis, starts at 08 pm – 11 pm

“Kosovo: A Moment in Civilization” is a new documentary by Serbian-Canadian director Boris Malagurski who deals with the topic of the UNESCO heritage of Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija. After the world premiere in Paris, the film arrived at Balcan, and on November 3, he arrives in Nis. The head and narrator of the film is Serbian-Australian TV host Stefan Popovic, while the script was written by Milos Ninkovic, director of photography is Mladen Jankovic, and music composed by Andreja Pesic and Aleksandar Stevanovic from Nis. Malagurski, Ninkovic, Jankovic and Pesic will be guests of the premiere in Nis.

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