Doo & Vitanov (Beyond House) 28.06.2019. Klub 20/44

Doo & Vitanov (Beyond House) 28.06.2019. Klub 20/44
Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia
28 jun 23h
Doo & Vitanov (Beyond House)

//Beyond House//
Dj collective of five fanatical music enthusiast and a self titled party night specialized in exceptional, edgy & eclectic sound for bars, clubs & warehouses!

„Dušan Predojević aka Doo is co-founder & core member of Beyond House, one of the most active DJ and booking collectives on Belgrade’s underground scene.
Doo started his DJ career in 2005 playing in all relevant Belgrade clubs and festivals in Serbia back then.
Through his consistent quality dj performances and passionate vinyl collecting Doo has earned his residency at the now legendary Belgrade club ‘The Wash’. After ‘The Wash’ was closed, Doo founded Beyond House with his talented emerging DJ posse: Ognjen Milosavljević, Miloš Maričić, Ivan Tanović ,Damir Zekiri. Nikola Vemić and Ali Guney.
Since then Beyond House are responsible for some of the best moments in the Belgrade nightlife scene, mostly because of their superb taste and thanks to bringing names like: Hunee, Antal, Intergalactic Gary, Interstellar Funk, Elena Colombi, Marsman, Mick Wills, Benedikt Frey, Space Dimension Controller, Levon Vincent, Tama Sumo, Bu$$ …to Belgrade. Nowadays Doo plays and organizes parties at the eclectic music boat 20/44 and infamous „techno cathedral” – Drugstore, clubs well know in underground circles across Europe, but also Kc Grad,Tunnel places seminal for the uprising of the recent DIY force in Belgrade & Novi Sad which changed the city’s nightlife drastically.
What he plays has started to transcend genre since the promising fella showed the capability of pleasing deep house bros, space disco geeks, techno heads and experimental freaks equally. Same goes for different clubs, bars and festivals.
So far he played most of the major festivals in region Dimensions, Lovefest, Exit, Devet, etc, and shared the decks with most of his personal favourit dj’s like Joey Anderson, XDB, Dj Qu, Vakula, Patrice Scott, Fred P, Antal, but also with some dj mega stars like Sven Vath or Dixon.“
Bio by Edi Oma


Vitanov as an emitter of deep weird vibrations mixes all things dark into a wizard’s brew for you to drink. You cannot really tell if it’s industrial, techno or house. As long as it’s god-forsaken, Vitanov will play it. His tasty collection of demented vocals and beats without authority are what gives him a reputation of one of Belgrade’s favs among dreamy imaginative spiritual dancers.



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