Makedonska 22, Belgrade, Serbia
01.Feb.2019 - 03.Feb.2019

As we approach the winter and the new year, so soon comes the time for the first Sakurabana convention of the year – Chibicon! Since we have decided to change a little Japanism and expand the convention to include topics from the cultures of other Asian countries, Chibicon continues to be the same as before, i.e. “Mini” convention of Japanese pop culture. The theme of this year’s Chibicon will be “Aurora Borealis”, ie. polar light. Although polar light can be seen over several periods during the year in the Arctic, we in the warmer regions associate polar light with winter and a new year, which is why we have chosen this for this year’s theme. In Japan, polar light appears extremely rarely, exclusively on the northernmost archipelagos, but this did not prevent the Japanese from seeing the source of inspiration and admiration, as well as everything beautiful from nature, in the colors of that light.

This convention will last for three days, from February 1st to 3rd, and you can expect interesting lectures, stands, quizzes, competitions, parties, sales fair, exhibitions and more.


Application for F4F Program – https://goo.gl/forms/4WvWJxqPjIOShIZA2
Sales Fair –


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