2000late 12.01.2019 Hangar

2000late 12.01.2019 Hangar
Жоржа Клемансоа 37, Belgrade, Serbia
Friends, brothers, godfathers, after a little longer pause, in 2000, we return to our hearts at the big door, to start this upcoming 2019 year as well, in the right society and with real music!
So, on January 12, we are again gathering in Hangar at the Port of Belgrade, dancing to the early morning hours in the rhythms of songs that marked our childhood, excursions, single digit birthdays and first love! We remind you that there are entertainers (City Records) and foreign music (MTV) on the repertoire, and if you have special musical wishes – upload links to the event because it will probably be late at the site.
As you are used to, there are Eva and Matija for the DJ panel, and you can buy tickets at pre-sale in Eventim Serbia and GIGS TIX points of sale at a price of 400 dinars, while at the entrance of the card you will get 500 dinars.

What we would like to emphasize is to APPLY to get your tickets as soon as possible because the capacity will be limited this time!
See you!


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