25 GOODINA HAPPY PEOPLE 08.02.2019. Ben Akiba

25 GOODINA HAPPY PEOPLE 08.02.2019. Ben Akiba
Braće Krsmanović 6, Belgrade, Serbia
Friday 08.02. Ben Akiba, from 23h to 11h
25 GOODINA HAPPY PEOPLE ORGANIZATIONS! A quarter of a century with you
Remember your first Happy People party? You remember how young you were and how … okay, okay, we will not let you fool now. Make it a bit like if you did not hear this if it would be easier for you: THIS YEAR WE FILL 25 YEARS! Yes, bre. We are kidding you, clucking and melting since 1994! Together we tried to create a better world, or at least a better city, a night and a youth, from a dark darkness. You have been with us since the start, the other half probably probably has continued to teach numbers and letters and we can not describe how much we are trifling with happiness Consequently. Not because we can now boast a ceremonial jubilee celebration with a snack, a drink and a suitable music program, or being the longest DJ collective in the country … no, no, it’s all pale from the fact that after all that time, we all together remained young and to break this story out of all strength, with only a lot of experience and maybe a little more wisdom. Maybe we do not have much to explain. We were still bred by brothers and sisters of all generations. We continue to rock and mixes and lyubov. We continue to expand on both floors of Ben Akiba. We still know that when we are there, there is neither yesterday nor tomorrow. Just a party and after and blurred windows. We smoked this first quarter of the century as a joke. Mind the mood. The chaos is just starting. The plan is to get some 12 hours of party. Do not think now that it’s a surprise to you. By 6am we work on both sides, after which we are spiritually and physically elevated to the floor, and no one will drive us out at noon!
PS: We accept congratulations, wishes and greetings. We gave you gifts to you:
12 hours of music! 2 stage-a8 DJs
Entrance to 05h 600 dinarsThe entrance fee is 05h 400 dinars


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