53bitef19 / Let's start love from the beginning 17 – 26.09.2019.

53bitef19 / Let's start love from the beginning 17 – 26.09.2019.

17.Sep.2019 - 26.Sep.2019
ARE YOU READY TO BE SERVED? AIn the 53rd edition of Bitef we serve new artistic tendencies from September 17 to 26 in locations all over Belgrade!
MAIN PROGRAM: 17-25 / 09 – BELGRADE IN REMOTE / Production Rimini Protocol, Germany18-19 / 09 – OREST IN MOSUL / Milo Rau, Belgium19 / 09 – WHY IS Crazy? / Bobo Jelcic, Serbia19 / 09 – YOUTH WITHOUT GOD / Borut Separovic, Croatia20 / 09 – HISTORY OF VIOLENCE / Tomas Ostermeier, Germany21 / 09 – YUROPA / Kuduz Onikeku, Nigeria21 / 09 – TARTIF / Igor Vuk Torbica, Serbia22 / 09 – IMORAL STORIES – PART 1: THE MOTHER’S HOUSE / Fia enar and Jean-Luc Bozol, France23-24 / 09 – ABOUT MEAT AND CONCRETE / Lusiana Lara, Brazil23-24 / 09 – BUT: THE FEAR OF THE SOUL / SEBASTIAN Horvat, Slovenia25 / 09 – RETKS BIRDS / Production Wolf for Man, France25-26 / 09 – CALLED / Sepe Bains, Belgium
Ticket reservation for all performances of the 53rd Bitef will begin on August 15 and last until September 1, while ticket sales will begin on September 2.
For details on main program performances, see: http://bit.ly/program53bitef19

“As art deeply linked to social (self) representations, theater cannot and should not oblivious, but it can provide an alternative to current, dominantly oppressive forms of functioning of society. It can be said that theater no longer acts as much on its themes as on forms. By the way they are organized and functioned, the community, which is now being built here by actors and viewers, can be an alternative to existing communities: interaction instead of domination, collective endeavor instead of individual success, solidarity instead of individualism , collaboration instead of struggle, compassion instead of self-centeredness … We believe that so understood and realized, theater can still give us hope and make the famous call from the song – “let’s start love from the beginning.” You can read the full word of the art director, Ivan Medenica 👉 http://bit.ly/medenica53bitef19
You can follow news, interviews with authors and festival management on our site, blog, instagram, twitter and youtube channel.
Website: http://bit.ly/bitef_ Instagram Site: http://bit.ly/bitef_instagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/bitef_twitter
Founded in 1967, at the initiative of Mira Trailovic and Jovan Cirilova, BITEF (Belgrade International Theater Festival) has continuously followed and supported the latest theatrical trends. As it grew and developed, it became one of Europe’s largest and most important festivals. For half a century, Bitef has transcended all political and cultural barriers and successfully kept pace with the tumultuous evolution of theater art.


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