8. Belgrade Festival of European Literature 25 – 28.06.2019. home of the youth

Makedonska 22, Belgrade, Serbia
25.Jun.2019 - 28.Jun.2019
The publishing house Arhipelag, in cooperation with the Youth Center of Belgrade, is organizing the 8th Belgrade European Literature Festival from June 25 to June 28.
Readers at the 8th Belgrade European Literature Festival are expecting an exciting literary, film and art Sunday. During four full-length multimedia literary programs, the audience will be able to follow six readings of well-known world and domestic writers, exclusive guests of Fetival, four screenings of films within the retrospective of Literature on the film, a panel of critics in the age of populism and spectacles, a drawing of drawings and caricatures. Conceived as a Sunday of top literature, the 8th Belgrade European Literature Festival takes place under the motto: “Best of everything. Best for Everyone. “Literatur Cafe Goethe-Institut Belgrade is hosting the 8th Belgrade European Literature Festival. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Forum of Slovenian Cultures, an international edition of 100 Slovenian novels will be presented, which will be addressed by writers Jani Virk and Vlado Žabot and the editor of the edition Gojko Božović. The Belgrade Festival of European Literature is an open and multimedia event in which literature presents through various forms: from books and public reading, through the discussion of writers with the audience, to the exhibition, the retrospective of contemporary feature films or documentaries from literature, as well as video presentations and other events. The Belgrade Festival of European Literature is one of the most visited literary events in Serbia. His audience is very diverse in generational terms, because the target group is much wider than the usual audience of literary events. The festival attracted great public attention in recent years, and his guests were, among others, David Grosman, Havijer Serkas, Peter Esterhazi, Claudio Magris, Florans Noavil, Goce Smilevski, Fiona Sampson, Aris Fioretos, Terezija Mora, Drago Jančar, Peter Salmon , Hatidže Akin, Ray Robertson, Barbi Markovic, Venko Andonovski, Tomas Majneke, Branko Cegec and Amir Or. Some of these programs were the most visited literary events in Belgrade in this decade. Belgrade’s European Literature Festival is held in the Great Hall of the Youth Center of Belgrade: every day at 19:00 and 20:00 are readers of famous domestic and foreign writers, and at 21:00 is a free screening of the film from the festival program Literature on the Film. All programs at the Belgrade Festival of European Literature, including screenings of films, are free.


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