April Meetings 01 – 04.04.2019.SKC

April Meetings 01 – 04.04.2019.SKC
Kralja Milana 48, Belgrade, Serbia
01.Apr.2019 - 04.Apr.2019
April Meetings
April Meetings are the traditional annual manifestation of the Student Cultural Center Belgrade – the Festival of active multi-day multidisciplinary events that are gathering at the same time and in one place a large number of young artists, students of art faculties of different profiles who will try this year through a series of activities – , literary discourses, video works, conversations, performances, new theatrical forms, concerts, workshops, installation in space and choreographic improvisations, following the idea of the Festival of the Body as an instrument – the movement as an inspiration, in order to overcome the classical boundaries in artistic creation. This year we will have the opportunity to see the best works and performances of students of the regular and master studies of the Institute for Artistic Music from Belgrade who answered the theme of the professor – 50 years from the Woodstock Festival and the hippie movement with the slogan Let the sunshine and. The event will begin with the traditional performance of the Institute students in front of the Student Cultural Center. During the April Meetings, open master classes of modern games will be held by Maciej Kuzminski (Poland), visiting professor at the Institute. Workshop Vera Erac – To be really alive and alive on a stage based on the application of practical knowledge from the psychology of creativity and bodily psychotherapy to contemporary performing arts, will open some new facets to young artists. All the segments of the April Meetings – from the founding to the present – have, above all, a unique educational character for many generations of young people, who have discovered and developed their skills and talent and were trained in various artistic fields. This will be an opportunity for the audience to get to know the work of young people, whose time is coming. All programs within the April Meetings are free, so we invite you to be part of this festival story.


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