Bad Copy 01.01.2019. Garage

Bad Copy 01.01.2019. Garage
Bulevar vojvode Mišića 49, Belgrade, Serbia
Begin in 2019 with BAD COPY! For a hip-hop party that will shake you at the very beginning of the new year, they are in charge of the “Emperors of their profession” Ajs, Timbe and Sky Wikluh – we’ll see you January 1 in the Garage!
Tickets for a price of RSD 600 are for sale in ŽILA SHOP and Gradski Kutak!

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Hip-hop group Bad Copy was founded in Belgrade in 1996, when they were founded by Ajs Nigrutin (Vladan Aksentijević) and Miki Boj (Milan Šaponja). After Miki’s death in 1999, the group paused until the next year Sky Wikluh (Djordje Miljenovic) and Timbe aka Timjah da Sensei (Rasid Kurtanovic) came.
Their songs are recognizable by the witty texts and jargon they use. They are considered one of the pioneers of hip hop music in Serbia. The first album “Orbod mebej” was released in 1996, and the second studio edition “All of the Chasers”, which appeared in 2003, brought the hit “Uno Due Tre”. They are known for interesting and energetic performances.
On the album “The Worst So Far”, which came out in December 2006, hosted the big names of the domestic hip hop scene, such as Scuba, Eda Maike and Bwana. From this release, the songs “Bad Copy Žoor” and “Idemo odma” were singled out, whose remix became a big club hit. Two years later, the band collapsed, in order for this troika to reunite in 2012 and next year, the album “Krigle”. He brought the songs “Esi mi dobar” and “Ljubav ili beer”, which quickly found the way to the audience.
All three members of the group have successful solo career and collaborate with numerous musicians throughout the region.
As a guest performances will be a twenty-year-old Dexter Prime rapper. He has 3 albums, 2 solo 1 with the benchmark Teo, and plans to release 2019 as he says 2 albums. Support and backing vocals on stage will be his repertoire Danilo.


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