Belgrade Wine Week 24 – 29.09.2019.

Belgrade Wine Week 24 – 29.09.2019.

24.Sep.2019 - 29.Sep.2019
Belgrade Wine Week (24 – 29.9.) Brings to Belgrade a festival atmosphere filled with several days of enjoying wine, organizing attractive wine-inspired events such as wine parties, workshops, informal wine evaluations, themed wine salons and exhibitions. The complete program of the festival can be found at Within Belgrade Wine Week, among other things, there will be:
SERBIAN CHAMPIONSHIP IN TAMJANICA (September 26th from 12 noon) – The choice for the most charming incense of Serbia! PROKUPAC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (26.9. From 14 h) – Informal evaluation and selection for the best wine in the world of Prokupac.
SPANISH WINES IN THE HEART OF THE CITY (September 24-29) – a great, multi-day promotion of Spanish wines.
Belgrade Wine Fest – the grand finale of Belgrade Wine Week (September 28th from 8pm), where around forty leading local wineries will be presented in the Belgrade Market area, each with its own leading wine. Throughout Belgrade Wine Week, throughout the city, numerous wine parties, workshops, wine


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