BLIND WALK ALEXANDROM FRAY-EM 23.09.2019. Cirkobalkana

BLIND WALK ALEXANDROM FRAY-EM 23.09.2019. Cirkobalkana
LUKA BEOGRAD, Žorža Klemansoa, Belgrade, Serbia
23.Sep.2019 - 27.Sep.2019

Date: 27.09.

Time: 18: 30-20: 00h.

It starts and ends at the circus tent. The workshop is free. Required registration to, with the note -Blind walk. The deadline for applications is 23.09. The essence of human relationships is trust, communication and risk taking. With the experience of blind walking, we encourage non-verbal communication with one another. We experience reality through our senses. The senses and the brain work together to interpret signals from the outside world. Sight is our dominant senses and when we disable it all other senses intensify. At the beginning of the experience, couples are formed where one person closes their eyes while the other takes responsibility and walks together. By sharing roles where one assumes and the other leaves responsibility, we establish an interconnected relationship. One takes care of the other. The other depends and trusts him. We are silent, signaling non-verbal physical contact or auditory stimuli, or exposing the scent of the environment, or causing our senses to come in contact with various surfaces and things that come our way. A trust must be established and when the relationship becomes secure we try to challenge our couple. Facing obstacles by setting physical challenges, and changing the dynamics, we face them to accept the risk. Each couple has their own journey. Each person has their own unique experience. The experience of blind walking is rich in trust, risk and communication. Experience is pleasing to the body and mind and depends on our ability to indulge.


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