Centar Balašević 31.12.2017.

Centar Balašević 31.12.2017.
Miška Kranjca 17a, Beograd

Center Balashevic
Premium New Year’s Eve!

Center Balashevic is a pleasant place where you can feel comfort that follows world standards. It is located in an extremely attractive location, in the part of Belgrade with lovely  nature adn it is easy to reach the Center from all parts of the city.

Center Balasevic has a large parking space fully technically secured (cameras and ramps), where your vehicles will be safe 24 hours a day.
Restaurant Balasevic is characterized by sophisticated elegance and exceptional quality of service.

Recognizable for top international and national cuisine, Restaurant Balasevic offers tastes inspired by different culinary cultures, but also nourishes the best of local cuisine, maid from daily fresh produce.

Our center and dedicated staff will enable you to experience an unforgettable event in the best possible conditions and world standards.
And to that end, we have prepared two music groups, many performers, musicians and male and female vocalists. Decoration that will win even the greatest critics. The technical solution that is technically out and the region’s standard. All in all, a magical atmosphere that will accompany your New Year’s fairy tale at the Center Balashevic.

In the big banquet hall you will be entertained by:
Folk ‘n’ Roll Band is a fantastic band of musicians who for several years now played at the New Year’s celebration in our center, we did not change them because they are absolutely phenomenal and only those who got on the next day with muscle inflammation from excessive scolding were complaining about them 🙂

In restaurant Balasevic – we prepared a real small spectacle:
Darko Bartošek & Money Band & Maja Božanić (Zvezda Granda)
They play hits of fun and folk music!


Alcoholic drinks:
– Vodka
– Gyn
– Vermouth
– Domestic brandy of quince
– Domestic brandy of pear
– Domestic brandy of apricot
– Domestic brandy plum
– Bitter leaf – wormwood drink
– Brandy
– Beer: Amstel, Jelen
– Wine: Vranac Plantaže
– Wine: Smederevka Tikveš
– Wine: Rose Rubin

Non-alcoholic drinks:
– Home coffee
– Apple
– Jus
– Coca cola
– Mineral water
– Ordinary water

+ Special:
For all guests in the restaurant hall of Balasevic Center:
Cocktails: Blue Lagoons, Red Frog, Sex On The Beach, Sky Lite and Baileys for ladies.

Unlimited food consummation at a rich buffet to be refreshed all night long!

Cold appetizer:
– National snack (herb, beef, loin, culen, feta, cheese, cream, oil in cheese etc.)
– Tuna salad
– Seafood salad
– Chicken salad
– Beef salad
– Turban of rosbifa
– Chicken rolls
– Veal body

– Greece
– Serbian
– Shop
– Spicy
– Various other salads

Warm appetizer:
– Gnocchi cardinals
– Risotto with vegetables
– Domestic various pie various ( gibanica, zeljanica, mushrooms, etc.)

Main course:
– Baking pigs
– Baking lambs
– Veal under the sač with bakery potatoes
– Combined grill (5 types of meat)
– Zander fish on Andalusian and Smederevo way, Dalmatian wine
– Trout in saffron sauce, potatoes
– Chicken Quatro Formaggi

– Cream pie.
– Ice cube
– Sam roll

The price
Price of reservation per person: 50 eur
All places are for sitting in  restaurant, we do not have standing, hanging or other tables, in all the halls is a dance floor! We have different sizes and types of tables, so our managers will be able to fulfill your wishes. Free internet will serve you great at midnight when mobile networks are overloaded.

We have prepared various surprises for you (awards for the most desirable table, for the most beautiful couple, trumpets, etc.).

It would be a pleasure for us to take you on unforgettable moments and wonderful New Year’s Eve.

Important note !!!
Possibility to pay from abroad, as well as delivery of tickets by express mail all over Serbia!

As well as every year, booking sales do not last long.
Be at your best! Do not let your worst night collapse in nervousness, frustration, and disappointment.

Choose cerfuly!
Your Balashevic Center!


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