Cologne / 23.07.2019. Barutana

Cologne / 23.07.2019. Barutana
Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia
Danish producer and DJ Kolsch, who sells millions of records worldwide, will perform for the first time in front of the Belgrade audience on Friday, August 23, in Barutana. Kolsch’s work redefined the rules of techno production, directing it in a melodic, emotional direction. For him, Kompakt Publishing House is a perfect home. He released two albums in 1977 and 1983 for this respected label, continuing the tradition of publishing revolutionary genres of his genre. Kolsch’s first major album, 1977, is full of timeless tapes such as Loreley, Opa, Oma, and Goldfich, marking the year of his birth and inspired by his diverse cultural growth. This album is a product of everything that shaped it into human, strange ideas and concepts that then, at that time. On the other hand, the 1983 album is inspired by travel. Elegant, picturesque and energetic, the album draws listeners into Kolsch’s world of classic compositions and modern sounds, with the addition of String Orchestra Gregor Schwellenbach, which perfectly blends with Kolsch’s bits and percussions, providing an incomprehensible techno symphony to date. With a series of appearances at leading festivals and Kolsch clubs, he continues his global domination, which includes the famous DC 10 and Berghain sets, as well as Cercle Music Lion stretch for about eight million people from the top of the Eiffel Tower. His remix of “Hell to the Liars” band for London Grammar was the summer hit in 2017, and after the 1989 album, a world tour from Miami through Berlin to Melbourne and other world metropolises followed. He founded the IPSO publishing house in 2018, headquartered in Cologne, and has since expanded his brand in Miami, Watergate in Berlin and the famous ADE. “I started my IPSO resident in the legendary Gewolbe Club in Cologne” says this eclectic producer. “There I have had a lot of fantastic parties in the past two years, and the time has come for expansion.” Kolsch was a Heatleader of the Stage Country at Tomorrowland last year, and during the summer he had excellent performances in Ibiza at clubs ANTS, Hi Ibiza, Amnesia , Resistance and Circoloco. After a great collaboration with legendary Sasha on “The Lights”, a release for IPSO and the compilation fabric presents followed.

A limited number of tickets are sold through Ticketvision and Gigstix sales networks, with a promotion of 890 dinars for the parter and 1290 dinars for the VIP.


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