Crowd in the City 02 – 08.09.2019. Kc grad

Crowd in the City 02 – 08.09.2019. Kc grad
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade, Serbia
02.Sep.2019 - 08.Sep.2019
Crowds in the City
After the summer break, the City Gallery of Kc Grad opens a new season with a specific artistic event called The Hustle in the City. The curator of the City Gallery will for the first time present to the audience the artist of the younger generation Luka Cvetković. Luke invites participants who, through their artistic expressions, act and contribute to the present art scene of the city in different ways, to move the boundaries of the established way of perceiving art within the informal setting. The artists will bring selected works and, together with the curator and audience, place them in the gallery space. In this way, the interactive event of presenting one scene at the same time highlights the growing need for dialogue between those who create art and those who perceive it, as well as the effort to keep communication as close as possible. The most important outcome of this event led by Luka Cvetkovic is social interaction.
The participating artists are: Tamara Spalajkovic / Dusan Savic / Marija Knezevic (Mariah Scary) / Marina Markovic / Pavle Banovic / Vozdovac Gallery / Aleksandar Firez / Sasa Tkachenko / U10 / Jovana Jovanovic (Miss Hokusai) / Jakov Ponjavic / GILIPTER (Andrea Tesanovic and Aleksa Vitorovic) / Katarina Kostandnovic / Nadezda Kircansky / Jelena Pantelic / Palmas Boutique / Miroslav Karic / Luka Licina / Mario Kolaric / Emilia Radojcic / Hikaru Nebojsa / Vanja Vikalo Linnch / Sanja Stojkov / Vanja Seferovic / Alek Leaf / Luka Trajan / Luka Trajan Vukojevic / Anastasija Pavic / Ivana Ivkovic / Ksenija Tomic / Vanja Zunic / Stefan Knezevic / Selman Trtovac / Sanja Stojkov
DJ: Ksen Tomic / 20-22 h // Stepanata / 22-24h
The exhibition opens September 2 at 9pmThe City Gallery is open daily from 2pm to 8pmThe exhibition runs through September 8th


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