Days of Split Culture in Belgrade 27 – 29.06.2019.UK Old Town

Days of Split Culture in Belgrade 27 – 29.06.2019.UK Old Town
Kapetan-Mišina 6a, Belgrade, Serbia
27.Jun.2019 - 29.Jun.2019
UK Old Town and Croatian Cultural Center – Belgrade, organize “DAYS OF SPLIT CULTURE IN BELGRADE” from June 27 to 29, 2019.

– Thursday, June 27 at 20:00
Exhibition of photographs “SPLIĆANKE” by legendary FEĐE KLARIĆ.Feđa Klarić is the most awarded Croatian photographer, selected, among other things, in the “House of Fame” of Croatian photonics. Master of life, life photos. He crafted a craft as a photojournalist at the great Miljenko Smoj. The Hermit of the Smooth Heritage. For more than 40 years, the inhabitants of Split have been watching their city with Feđa Klaric’s eyes.

– Friday, June 28 at 20:00
Evening devoted to the prematurely deceased Split poet MOMČIL POPADIĆ – “I am slipping to his eye” .Momčilo Popadić is a brilliant journalist “Nedeljne” and “Slobodne Dalmacije” from the golden age of Split journalism. Reporter, the poet, first of all, the tramp, the director and the author in puppet theaters, the theater critic … The most recognizable as the viceroy of the term “Dalmatian chanson” as the author of texts such as “Forgive me Popes”, “Tonka”, “Skitnica”, ” , “To be my shark”, “What is life is a fantasy fantasy” and many others. One of those unrepeatable.

– Saturday, June 29 at 20:00
Presentation of the book “LEGENDE SVETLA” JURICE GASPARA. Jurica Gaspar with a team of experts, after three years of research, publishes the capital monograph “Legends of Light”, and in the final stage is the documentary “Legends of the Light”. At the invitation of European parliamentarians, the project was also presented in Brussels. The book “Legends of Light” by Jurica Gašpar leads us there as long as the imagination can not reach: into the marvelous world of lighthouses and their souls, lighthouses.


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