Delicacy Monday: Holy Smokes 13.05.2019.Kc town

Delicacy Monday: Holy Smokes 13.05.2019.Kc town
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade, Serbia
During this delicious Monday you will have the opportunity to taste Texas barbecue. “Texas style BBQ” tells the story of some other time, patience and effort. The meat is smoked and baked, and then tastes in its own juices.
Holy Smokes pitmaster stays awake all night, splits wood, a furnace burner, and then in this specially made wood stove – “smoker” prepares very carefully selected pieces of meat for hours, because – when you give up sleep, you want it to be right . For example, the beef is cooked for over twelve hours, pork only a dozen.
Holy Smokes is a mini chain of “fast casual” restaurants that can be found in Belgrade at three locations. In New Belgrade at the Hotel Jugoslavija, in Cetinjska Street and the “Gvozdjara 1870” brewery in Savamala.
It’s about to grow up like a brunette, a piggy pig, a rib-tebra, a bataaaak and some other attachments and sauces from those you’re used to. Everything is adapted to the person on the move, and on this Monday, some new combinations in a new form called Holy Chantra will be premiered.
Batak chantra – bataaaaaak, mac and cheese and enriched mayonnaise
Drunk chantra – drunk pork, bran and jam from the onion
We are preparing some surprises, so – see you 13.05 at 19h.
Price: 250 rsd


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