Digital Arts FMK 25 – 06/30/2019. Warehouse

Digital Arts FMK 25 – 06/30/2019. Warehouse
Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Belgrade, Serbia
25.Jun.2019 - 30.Jun.2019
Annual Exhibition of the Department of Digital Art FMK
The annual exhibition of the Department of Digital Art FMK will open on Tuesday, June 25 at 7 pm at the Magacin Cultural Center in Kraljevića Marka 4.
The exhibition will present the annual production of students and students of elementary and master studies at the Department of Digital Arts, Faculty of Media and Communications.
Documentary, commercial, fashion, conceptual and compositing photographs and a series of photographs will be exhibited in the Magacin central area. Also, graphic, visual, interactive design solutions as well as infographics, installations, 3D animations and interventions in the space will be visible in the same space.
In the illegal cinema MKM will be screening of short documentary, feature and experimental films of students of all ages starting at 20:00. Films will also be visible during the duration of the exhibition in the same term.
The in-situ video installation will be installed in the Magacin Kraljevića Marka basement.
At the opening of the exhibition, as always, awards will be awarded to the most valuable students and the most interesting student projects realized during the year.
The exhibition will be open until June 30th.
See you!


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