Djembe and Dundun Workshops

Djembe and Dundun Workshops
Tc Trg Republike Makedonska 5, Sprat II, Lokal 2

KUD Đembija presents you with workshops for afro drums, dedicated to the drums of djembe and dundun.
This tradition, originating from Malinka’s people in West Africa, is now spread all over the world. Each rhythm follows specific dance, as well as story, purpose and history. The tradition itself, made up of poems and plays, calling and accepting, make it from a solo or group dance a kind of game where everyone can express themselves. The beauty of African dancing is that everyone can participate regardless of bodybuilding and everyone looks nice and full of joy. It is crucial that this non-aging tradition can be implemented in any non-African culture. It has been scientifically proven that drums are a healing instrument, as well as attracting everyone as the oldest archetypal instrument of our collective memory.
Come and experience the beauty and strength of the rhythms!
Bring home shoes to the hall.
Price: 1 hour 600 rsd


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