Dok'n'Ritam 13 – 16.06.2019.

Dok'n'Ritam 13 – 16.06.2019.
Makedonska 22, Belgrade, Serbia
13.Jun.2019 - 16.Jun.2019
The fourth festival of music documentary Dok’n’Ritam (D’n’R ‘) will be held at Dorćol Platz, in the Youth Center of Belgrade and the Studentski grad culture center from 13 to 16 June. The motto of this year’s festival is “We are on the road, we make a trip”. The lyrics of Milan Mladenovic precisely describe the program and atmosphere of D’n’R 04 – the films on the program are thematically connected with the significance of the concept of traveling in the life of musicians and the experiences it brings. More about the program on the official site of the Festival D’n’R
The festival’s overture this year will be the Borderland Soundtrack, where we will talk with the author and guests about the documentary TV series with the same reprise broadcasting on RTS. The official opening of the festival will be marked by the regional premiere of “A Dog Called Money”. It is a documentary depicted at Berlinal, which represents PJ Harvey on a journey through different destinations where he collects ethnomusicological experiences. The songs created on the journey, full of impressive images, are part of the project “The Hope Six Demolition Project” which, in its own way, responds and at the same time opens a new level of inquiry for the artist himself, and the world around her (us). This year, compete ten films in international competition, which will be primarily premiered in Serbia. We will watch films about the first album of Laibach, Vlado Kreslin, Mark Rainey, traveling bands through various exotic destinations and their tour experiences, multimedia punk and jazz artists, “Heavenly Theme”, the journey of famous bluesers from Croatia to Memphis. The awards will be, as in previous years, decided by the audience and the three-member jury in the usual composition – director, musician and journalist. The “Work in Progress” program presents documentary projects in the making – Rock Camp for girls – Girls play and “YU Grupa – about Fraternity and Unity “- Darka Lunglulova. The absolute hit of this year’s festival will be the promotion of the book” Life with Idi (j) otima “and the guest’s visit by Nenad Marjanovic. Fritz, within the framework of the Notabook program. Within the same continent, the book “I Found a Good Band” by Boris Hrepic, “Remember Me From My Songs” by Bogica Mijatovic, “Moment I Wait” by Miroslav Dimic and “Music


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