Dorcol for animals 02.06.2019.Dorcol Platz

Dorcol for animals 02.06.2019.Dorcol Platz
Dobračina 59b, Belgrade, Serbia
Dorćolci za životinjeDragi animal lovers, we invite you to join us on June 2, 2019. in the period from 14 to 19h, to help together and contribute to the pets who need it the most. The price of the ticket is 250 din for adults and 150 din for children, and the complete income from the sold tickets is donated for food for abandoned dogs.
We also organized numerous workshops for you:
– From 14 to 17: 30hAdministration workshop 2 x 30 min Mika KiniciThe workshop: “VI AND LOOK IN THE WALK”
Workshop 1 – How To Walk Away? Workshop 2 – How to Solve Problematic Walking Conditions?

– Interactive Workshop for Children 2x 45min “Children and Lives”
– Workshop for children with disabilities in the course of 2x 45min
– Exhibition of all dogs and awards for the best Dorćol snake!
As the main source of energy, vegan friends make us a bench whose income will go to the animals they care about.
Participants: LETO DOO Importers and distributors of pet foodsMA PETS art workshop for the production of pet furniture.KIARA salon for haircut and dog careHIRA PET probiotic animal beverageHimalaya HERBAL animal productsHorse for dogs and cats MICHAEL CODE
We expect you to socialize, have a good time and do good for those who need it the most!


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