Ellen Allien / 25.05.2019. Barutana

Ellen Allien / 25.05.2019. Barutana
Barutana, Belgrade, Serbia
Heroin of the Berlin techno scene, Ellen Allien, vocalist, producer, DJ and owner of the publishing house, will perform on Saturday May 25 in Barutana, as part of the Alientronic Album Tour.
One of Berlin’s greatest techno sound ambassadors, Ellen Allien presents her new album Alientronic, where she worked at the end of last year, during the cold winter months in Berlin, when creativity reached its peak. Temperatures in the minus and cold, dark nights of that period were held by Ellen Allien in the studio, locked into four walls and focused on the inner journey, listening to their deepest creations and visions. Ellen is famous for classical techno and acid motifs, which spread through her visionary prism, as well as vocals that are repeated and distorted by powerful bits that drive the audience and entangled in a magical, mysterious and exotic way.
A limited number of tickets at a promo price of 790 dinars per parter and 1190 dinars for the VIP platform is on sale around Ticketvision and GIGS TIX sales networks.
————————————————– —————————————– Ellen Allien has a love of music since childhood . Before she started collecting records she played organ and saxophone. For less than 20 years, he goes to London, where he discovers electronic sound. In the early 1990s, he returned to his hometown and joined the creation of the techno scene of Berlin as a resident in the cult clubs Tresor, Bunker and E-Werk. For a while, Kiss FM has held Braincandy and led the publishing house of the same name, in order to establish the famous BPitch Control imprint, which is one of the most important labels in the history of techno in the 99th year, and has celebrated numerous names such as Paul Kalkbrenner, Modeselektor, Apparat, and Ben Klock. As a person who does not recognize trends, he’s already creating them, Ellen Alien has helped shape the global scene as we know it over the last two and a half decades. This innovative veteran still breaks the boundaries of the genre with a sharp and seductive approach to sound. Her music could be characterized as a combination of powerful, mechanical and dance techno sound, spiced up with electro and IDM elements. She is a resident in the clubs of Nitsa in Barcelona and DC10 in Ibiza, and is frequent guest for the Mondo club in Madrid. She is known for her We Are Not Alone parties organized in her native Berlin, as well as in cities around the world, while at the beginning of this year, Ellen Allien launched another label called UFO Inc.


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