[:en] Xmas Disco Fever 16.12.2017. Aquarius Club

[:en] Xmas Disco Fever 16.12.2017.  Aquarius Club
Aleja Matije Ljubeka b.b, Zagreb

Ladies and gentlemen are proud to present you:

Zagreb DISCO Festival 2017 – “Xmas Disco Fever
Supported by TECHNICS
Saturday 16/12/2017 AQUARIUS / 21-05h /

************************************************** ****
◕◕ STUDIO 54 Floor / Disco-Funk-Soul /:
DJs: Borivoj Vincetić // Chancellor Ozren // DC-Funk / Matija Lovrec
************************************************** ****
≡ MASH-UP Floor / 80s Smash Hits & SynthPop /:
DJs: DJ Xed // Fuki // Stanko Bondža // Electric Barbarella DJs: Kićo & Man From Mars aka Sinisa
************************************************** *****
◕◕ ITALO & HI-NRG Floor / Italo Disco & Hi – Nrg /
DJs: DJ Krnya // DJ Erich // DJ Roman Birk
************************************************** ******
*** Special Guests Star LIVE: Some Love Too Long ***
*** F1RST Entertainment Dancers ***
************************************************** *******
Christmas disco fever begins! In ZDF’s kitchen, you have been kidding for a long time to offer you this long-awaited Christmas festival with the code-name “Xmas Disco Fever” with pride and joy!

The ZDF team, full of 12 well-known DJs, will be switched to a mixer counter and will keep you up to the morning on 3 theme dance discs (Disco 54, Mash up & Synth Pop, Italo & Hi-Nrg) the best mjuzu disco club from the crazy 70s and 80s dancing with First Entertainment Dancers.

After the stunning Boe, the unmistakable Marine Perazic, this year’s live spice festival is a full-fledged band Some like hot, well-known guys who have kept their first places on top of the charts for which the girls have been crazy for years.

For exclusive audio-video production and special effects, the team of the legendary Aquarius, the host of this year’s ZDF, is responsible.

************************************************** ***************
Tickets are pre-sale throughout the UK and the region at the TISAK kiosks and in the Eventim!
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