[:en]AB RE 18.11.2017. Ciglana

[:en]AB RE  18.11.2017. Ciglana
Slanački put 26, Beograd

AB RE is a genre color band from Belgrade. The musical expression is a mixture of different styles and influences, and one of the more interesting features is: “Theater jazz with the remnants of Balkan folk motifs”. If not for anything else, Ab Re is interesting nowadays for being able to perform at almost all major festivals such as REFRACT, Umbria Jazz (Balcanic Windows) Festival, EXIT, 9evet and many others – and that in 15 years of existence he did not record, nor published a studio album. In addition to performing at the stage of sounding festival names in Serbia, Ab Re also has international cooperation with artists from France, collaborating for many years with musicians and other artists from Strasbourg and Paris. In addition to all the mentioned band, he tried and proved in composing and performing theater music, in interactive cooperation and joint performances with artists of contemporary circus (CIRKOBALKANA), as well as in performances and work with the youngest, playing for preschool children. Currently, the band “plays” its third album. Neither this third is and most probably will not be filmed …

The band performs in the formation from trio to six, which depends on the repertoire that performs:

Bojan Petronijevic-vocal,
Nebojša Simic-bass,
Aleksandar Vukašinović-accordion,
Dusan Damnjanovic-drums.
Vladimir Mladenovic-guitar
Miloš Dilkić-Perkusije


The same evening at 08 pm in the large gallery will be opening the exhibition KAVANDOLI walk along the infinity line.
At some point, the performance of Victor Kissa under the name VATRA IS TO DESIGN
Welcome, we are waiting for you …. CIGLANA


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