[:en]Durmitor's Day in Belgrade 24. – 03.12.2017.

[:en]Durmitor's Day in Belgrade 24. – 03.12.2017.
Beograd, Srbija
24.Nov.2017 - 03.Dec.2017

This year’s Durmitor Day event in Belgrade will be held on 24, 25, 26, 29 November and 3 December 2017. The aim of the event is to socialize and look forward to the culture, tradition and customs of homeland, to help our lend and residents of  Durmitors, where ever they live.

24/11/2017. (Friday), from 07: Institution of Culture “Akademija 28” (Đuro Salaj), street Nemanjina 28, HOMELEND NIGHT:

Songs from the homeland and the sounds of the guzla

Opening of the “Durmitor Days in Belgrade” Manifestation and the welcome speech of the President of Durmitor’s Association in Belgrade, Save Obradovića
Welcome speech:
Mr. Plužine, Mijiška Bajagic
President of the Municipality of Savnik Mr. Mijomir Vujacic
Mr. Žabljak Municipality Veselina Vukićević
Presentation of promotional films about the community of Plužine, Savnik and Žabljak
Music Show, Homeland Singing: Master Studio Master Blaster

Emcee of the Evening: Sanja Vuković

24.11.2017.g. (Friday), from 09 pm to 01 am: meeting in the restaurant “Bristol”, Karađorđeva number 50, accompanied by a menu (1000 dinars) with the sound of the guzla and music.

25.11.2017.g. (Saturday) at 7 pm: conference room of hotel “Bristol”, Karađorđeva no. 50 (entrance from Hercegovačka) BIRTHDAY EVENING:

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Radomir Milašinović, professor of the Faculty of Security in Belgrade: “Safe situation in the Balkans”
Musical display
Host (host): Dr. Mirčeta Vemić

26.11.2017.g. (Sunday) at 7 pm: conference room of the hotel “Bristol”, Karađorđeva number 50 (entrance from Hercegovačka)


Durmitor poetic wreath, poets from the homeland
Musical display
Host (host) evening: poet Rajko Džaković

29.11.2017.g. (midday) at 7 pm: conference room of the hotel “Bristol”, Karađorđeva no. 50 (entrance from Hercegovačka)


Lecture: Prof. dr. Miloš Koprivica, professor of forestry faculty in Belgrade: “Forests and forestry of the Durmitor region”
Musical display
Host (host): Mirčeta Obradović

03.12.2017.g. (Friday) at 17.00: Chess Club “Radnicki”, Gospodar Vucic 231: HOLIDAY CHAMPION between the Durmitor Association and the Pljevljak Association in Belgrade. Tournament Coordinator: Petar Badnjar.

Welcome to the “Durmitor’s Day in Belgrade” event.


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