[:en]Exhibition "Flow of virtual threads" 06 – 15.03.2018

[:en]Exhibition "Flow of virtual threads" 06 – 15.03.2018
Đure Jakšića 7, Novi Sad
06.Mar.2018 - 15.Mar.2018
Novi SadSrbija

The project of the “Virtual Stream” project, which continues the cooperation of “Atelje 61” and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in its specificity opens up a number of new possibilities for the relationship between the tapestry that has the dominance of interweaving in the tangible, structural and material sense, and open fields of new media, software tools through interaction.
Animations by students Uros Miric, Olivera Ludoski, Teone Cupic, expert associate Ana Descartznik, professor Goran Despotovski and co-ordinator from “Atelje 61” Filipa Dolina, inspired by the tapes of Dragoljub Adzic, Jovan Bikic, Milena Jeftić Ničeva Kostic, Rade Čupić, Milena Ristić and Magdalene Klešinske, they emphasize the phenomenology of fibers as a constructively capable element in the process of defining the form by digital means.


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