[:en]First frame: Prizren / Sarajevo 26.11 – 03.12.2017. Cafe Pero

[:en]First frame: Prizren / Sarajevo 26.11 – 03.12.2017. Cafe Pero
Železnička 10, Novi Sad
26.Nov.2017 - 03.Dec.2017
Novi SadSrbija

For the fourth year in a row, the Vojvodina Citizens Center organizes an exhibition of photographs “First frame: Sarajevo / Prizren” by the same program implemented with the help of CCFD-Terre Solidarie from France.
Photos were created during the stay of several young people in these two cities. They never visited Sarajevo before, or Prizren, before, and were interested and willing to break their own prejudices created by long negative media coverage and political statements of various actors with a negative connotation.

“What will you do in Prizren / Sarajevo, is it safe at all ?!”
The issue that we are often encountering, although the war in Bosnia / Kosovo has gone on for quite a number of years, has led us to work on the topic of breaking prejudices about leaving, especially in Kosovo, but also in Bosnia, and establishing personal contacts with people from these cities.
These personal contacts, and personal presence and familiarity, make it possible to gain a true impression of what the current situation is in these countries, and how people react in their mutual encounters.
Participants of the program from Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Subotica, Jagodina and Sombor visited film festivals, Sarajevo Film Festival and Dokufest, where they had the opportunity to view numerous documentary films about human rights, and to get acquainted with the actors and creators of these films .
They also met and met with young people from the region, visited museums, memorial centers, monuments, met with the local population, and recorded everything with their cameras and phones.

From these notes, we created the exhibition “First Person: Sarajevo / Prizren”, which we invite you with great pleasure, whose opening will take place on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 19: 30h in Café Pero (Železnička 10 , Novi Sad)

During the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to chat with program participants who bring us unique stories about staying in these two cities.

See you, traditionally, in Pero!


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