[:en]Hearthstone&Beer Turnir 26.11.2017. Bure Baruta

[:en]Hearthstone&Beer Turnir 26.11.2017. Bure Baruta
Višnjićeva 9, Belgrade

Greetings to everyone, on Sunday, November 26, 2017, at 17:00 hrs we are organizing a tournament in Hearthstone in our Pub, that you have read Pub well, a combination of good beer and socializing with the tournament. The pub  Bure Baruta is located in Visnjiceva Street 9, Dorcol, Stari Grad (entrance behind Lili).

A unique combination of socializing in our pub which is the creator for playing our own and your favorite games, look at the pictures and you yourself will finish. It’s a standard tournament of the best of 5, meaning four-class Ban, single elimination. Prizes go in the form of boosters and free beer for the first and second place, as well as several boosters and beer going random, so everyone can win prizes.

It should be noted that the tournament is free and you are only obliged to bring the device on which you have the game installed and the charger for it. You can log in here, create an account and that’s it. Send in your username inbox.

Come on to hang out and have some beer.


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