[:en]Law of attraction 21.11.2017. Cafe Peru

[:en]Law of attraction 21.11.2017. Cafe Peru
Železnička 10, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

On Tuesday, November 21 at Cafe Peru, Danica Isakov, practitioner of Reiki, will hold a workshop on the law of attracting both theory and application.
About the law of attraction, in the last decade, the story more than ever before. However, when we go deeper into studying it, we realize that many of the eldest nations knew and lived in accordance with it.
Also, our old folk tales, as well as Bible verses, speak precisely about this subject.
There are many opinions. In fact, as much as there is.
However, this theme does not stop intruding almost every man, because it is closely related to the question: “What is the purpose of life?”
Are you interested in more? To make a difference? Do you read something new or old from a different perspective?
Join us in a lecture on this interesting topic, which raises so much dust and spell on thinking. and delays.
Among other things, we will talk about:
– What is the law of attraction?
– What are its tags / components / basics?
– Emotions…
– Biology behind thoughts
– Perception
– Svest / samosvest / collective consciousness
– Working methods on themselves

The number of places is limited and applications are sent to the Cafe Pera’s Inbox.

Dear friends, see you at the workshop!


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