[:en]Life is Lotto – Monika Romić 25.11.2017. Polet

[:en]Life is Lotto – Monika Romić  25.11.2017. Polet
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

Kabare “Život je loto” / Monika Romić  25.11. Polet, Saturday at 07 pm

According to Vladimir Djurdjevic’s text, directed by Bojana Lazic, and in the performance of Monika Romic, this interactive tragicomedy speaks about a series of events and incredible situations through which the heroine Vera passes in the last 24 hours.

Vera (Monika Romic) comes to the train station and starts to talk her unusual story. She is an unemployed woman who balances between the informer’s computer and the neighbor’s criminal with whom she is in a sexual relationship, and a series of unexpected situations will follow when Verin’s husband gets a week at Lotus …

This modern and unusual performance will surprise, laugh, think a little, and quite surely to accompany much better mood.

Whether our heroine will go to freedom without money or in prison, after which it will be awaiting millions, depends on the audience who will choose the end in this show!

At the monodrama festivals in Albania and Macedonia, the show won two awards – for the best female role and the best interaction with the audience. It is currently in the region, and found its place at the festivals “Belef”, “Dev9t”, “Gumbek Days” Zagreb, “KKL” Rijeka, “Brod Theater” Novi Sad.

The price of the ticket is 500,00 dinars, and you can make reservations on the e-mails monicartproduction@gmail.com and poletnovi@gmail.com.



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