[:en]Promotion of the book ''Neizdrž'' 17.11.2017. Hang Out

[:en]Promotion of the book ''Neizdrž'' 17.11.2017. Hang Out
Jovana Subotića 3-5, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Promotion of the book ”Neizdrž” 17.11.2017. Hang Out

Roman Neizdrž is the work of our writer Nataša Jocić, a story about each of us, because no matter that every person is individual for himself, we all live and experience the same, or similar lives, with their rises, falls, aspirations, successes, disappointments …

If it’s good, put a stone in your shoe. In translation – live a life with full lungs, explore, be laughing, be curious, laugh a lot, at least without a reason, or just because of it, do not let you grab the wanderers of everyday life, wonders happen every day, as much as we create them…

Honesty is what will attract many people to this work. Undecided is a unisex novel, intended for the readership of both sexes, because novels are not the underwear.


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