[:en]Siren and Victoria 10.12.2017. Firchie Think Tank Studio

[:en]Siren and Victoria 10.12.2017. Firchie Think Tank Studio
Bulevar Despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad
Novi SadSrbija

Comedy, new on the Serbian theater scene, lavish and hilarious, is also very true in the theme of contemporary, “Siren and Victoria“, according to Alexander Galin, returns to Firchie Think Tank Studio on December 10 at 20h.

“Siren and Victoria” is a gorgeous comedy. Hilarious comedy of confusion, above all.

The newly-born rich man, apparently the winner of the Transitional Marathon, orders a Pastuva who, for his money, “fulfills all sexual fantasies” for his English professor, or typical victim of social transition. However, in an alcoholic state he chooses the wrong number and instead of a sexual predator, a long-time astronomer arrives in the apartment, which collapses in the idealistic world organization survives by working as a stylist-kinologist.

The play is played by:
Tatjana Kecman
Milena Pavlović i
Radoslav Milenković.

You can purchase tickets at all GIGS TIX system sales points.

Pre-selling: 400 dinars
At the entrance: 500 dinars


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