[:en]Tomasa Ligotija 28.11.2017. Ljubimac

[:en]Tomasa Ligotija 28.11.2017. Ljubimac
Cetinjska 15, Beograd

Tomas Ligoti is one of the best living horror writers. The ligoths could be described as Kafka routed through the Tim Barton in a connection with Lavracraft through the Bruno Schulz filter. Illyti, a prominent Central European sensibility placed in a grotesque version of America – like Kafka’s America, but with more claustrophobia, hopelessness and nightmare iconography …

This painter of the darkest darkness is pervaded by nihilism, whose three basic principles are: 1) senselessness – or perhaps malevolence – the principle of reality behind the material universe; 2) the constant instability of this universe of solid forms, forms and concepts that threatens to collapse or mutate into something monstrous and unpredictable; and 3) the shyness of conscious personal existence in such a world.

The snores of an uninvited, maze of cosmos in their own drops of blood … The flowers of the abyss … The music box whose music reveals the foolish things … The purest essence of life malice …. Pandemicism … Arlekin feasts … Shadows from the bottom of the world .. Night lessons from the measurement of cloacal forces … Time as the flow of wastewater … The flying out of the cosmos, the scatology of creation … The nullification of the self … The calves of darkness …

Imagine that everything in the world is just a mask for the most disturbing evil, a pure evil whose real existence is tempered only by our blindness to see it as such, evil in the very heart of things …

Until recently, only one of his stories was published in Serbian, and only one short novel. Recently, Orfelin finally published the book PISAR TAME (Grimscribe) – a collection of magical, unique, incredible, whimsical, nightmares that will infect you, place you in consciousness and subconscious and persecute you in the autumn and winter months that come.

Dr. Dejan Ognjanovic, editor of the edition “poetics of the storm” in Orfelin, speaks of Ligoti and his prose.
Tuesday November 28, 2017. at 20:00 at Ljubimac


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