[:en]Warrior Charge | Dub Factory 15.12.2017. Rog

[:en]Warrior Charge | Dub Factory 15.12.2017. Rog
Trubarjeva 72, Ljubljana

After a year of rest, on the 15th of December we will again shake Rog with the help of Warrior Charge Soundsystem and friends for the mixer.

Herbal Queen comes from Novi Sad with its selection of roots and digital dub pieces, checked by several dub festivals and sound systems in our area. Her choice is known for deep bass mixing with the vocals of the nations of the world.

The W! Ld Citizen
The fan of heavy bass lines of various rhythms and an active member of several projects for the promotion of bass music and sound system culture, according to his words, Dub Factory will bring new wages for a walk. We are expecting a wide selection of the latest releases from the world of dub music, which will heat up our drums and internal organs.

Warrior Charge
The old festival cat from Udin, which you had the opportunity to listen to on most, if not all of the reggae and dub festivals in the near and distant surroundings, and in many parties in cities across all neighboring countries, after some strange cluster of circumstances have never appeared before Ljubljana. Judging by the experience from previous appearances, a long night of strong vibrations is predicted with revolutionary messages that will shake us boldly in the morning.

Entrance fee: 5 €


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