Exotic Bazaar on the Danube 01.05.2019.

Exotic Bazaar on the Danube 01.05.2019.
Špic-Ribarskog Ostrva, Novi Sad, Serbia
We mate incompatible on a boat – a catamaran “Floating Island”!
1. The “Scent of Archeology” https://www.facebook.com/mirisorijent/ will allow you to taste exotic foods from Asia, from Ramen, to Asian candies from China, Japan, Thailand. and that’s not all …..
The exotic bazaar will offer unique, hand-made products.
2. Sladjana from “Ethno art” https://www.facebook.com/Etno-art-387769987974021/ with wardrobe with techniques of homework, healing, sewing, weaving
3. Krisitna with silk, painted scarves and socks
4. Flower with a unique SVIM and pulling for each one for something, especially for a gift.
5. “Only Colorful” with Broken Flowers, Bags, Cigars … https://www.facebook.com/samosareno/

That’s not all.
In addition to food, wardrobes and other items for gift and decoration, you can rent a canoe or kayak, although you have never rowed before. Become a Pokahontas. With the “Danube Rafting” team you get training, equipment and oars only in the Danube, not on the open Danube.
for the end, at 17.45, we sail to the observation of the sunset. Applications are inbox. Number of places is limited!
You are all welcome! See you at the “Exotic Bazaar on the Danube”


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