Festival sport 09 – 08/11/2019 Lake Kacarevo

Festival sport 09 – 08/11/2019 Lake Kacarevo
Kacarevo Jezero, Serbia
09.Aug.2019 - 11.Aug.2019
Sports Festival 20199.-11. August, 2019. SC Jezero Kačarevo, SerbiaFriday, August 9, 2019 SC Lake Kačarevo, SerbiaLiving flag and opening TRIATLON SELANČNI AKVATLONSubota 10. August, 2019.SC Lake Kačarevo, SerbiaCompetitions in the KUP system Serbian Triathlon UnionSUPER SPRINT KROS DUATLON and KROS TRIATLON MIX ŠTAFETESATNICA09: 00-09: 45 Registration for talents, polar players and young cadets09: 45-10: 30 Check-in for talents, polar players and young cadets10: 35 Talent and polar players 10: 45 Mini cross duathlon START 2 to 6 years (0.5 km -2km -0.5km) (1-1-1 round) poles (11 years and younger) (0.5km -2km -0.5km) (1-1-1 round) 11:00 Prozivka mladji kadeti11: 10 START younger cadets 12-13 years (1km-3km-0,5km) 11: 30-12: 15 Registration Super Sprint Cross-country duathlon and relay cadets 14-15 years, Juniors (16-18 years), Absolute, Veterans12: 00 – 12:45 Check -in Super Sprint cross duatlondistance for all (2km-6km-1km) (4-2-2 lap) 12:50 Super Sprint cross-race duatlon13: 00 Super Sprint cross-darts START14: 00-14: 30 Check-in Triatlon MIX relay
(0.1km-2km -0.5km) (1-1-1 round) Team consists of 4 members, two women and two men. Every member works Mini Cross Triathlon. Registration for relays is up to 13h for info desk. 14: 35 Triathlon MIX relay 14: 50 Triathlon MIX relays START15: 30 Ceremony of the winner’s announcement


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