For 1000 Dinars 18 – 23.12.2018. Ostavinska gallery

For 1000 Dinars 18 – 23.12.2018. Ostavinska gallery
Kraljevića Marka 8, Belgrade, Serbia
18.Dec.2018 - 23.Dec.2018
We invite you to the exhibition “For 1000 Dinars“, the last this year’s exhibition created through the open competition of the Ostavinska gallery.
On this occasion, we wanted to ask how much and what art can be made or exhibited for 1000 dinars and what other material and non-material resources are contained in the artwork. We invited the authors to produce a new one or exhibit already existing artwork worth 1000 dinars, but also to collect all other human and material resources engaged in the emergence and exposure of artistic work and to try to establish their nominal value.
Irena Jevtovic, Zoran Ilic, Jovana Braletic, Nikola Radosavljevic, Darija S. Radakovic, Nevena Vicentic, Adienn Ujhazi, Aleksandra Nikolic, Anamarija Marinkovic, Nemanja Milenkovic, Ana Paula Jelic, Stefan Ilic. Aleksa Spasić, Veljko Vujović, Izabela Mašić, Vladimir Sekulović, Dunja Ožegović and Milan Savić.


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