Freaky Fight For Freedom 28.12.2018. Atom Academi

Freaky Fight For Freedom 28.12.2018. Atom Academi
Cara Dušana 13, Belgrade, Serbia
The Freaky Fight For Freedom band is organizing a traditional sweat party this time at the Atom Academy.
Freaky Fight For Freedom has two studio albums behind:
“The Way How To Live Out Of Home” (2011)
“Life Was Not Made To Be Controlled” (2014)
Behind him there is a reward for young guitar hopes by the Erste and Guitar art festival, the Opovo Opener BOTB 2011, the final at the Battle of The Bands 2011 competition, the Youth Center and the Audience Award at BARF 2011 (Belgrade Authors Rok Festival, Dom Omladine), as well as the 2nd place at the festival ~ On The Road ~ (SKC, 2011).
The band performed at the Exit Festival in 2015, twice at the Oslobadjanje Festival (Zabrežje), Plana Demo Fest 2015 International Convention – First Aid, Trg Republike, Belgrade 2010.Belgrade Guitar Day 2018. Guitar art festival
In addition to selecting songs from the first and second albums, Freaky will also play songs that announce their third studio album.
Current members of the band from the drum to the top:
Predrag Antic boatLazar Ostojic school of rock and roll Nikola Simić has companies of Nebojša Pavlović SARSMiloš, Ana and Petar Pavlović
We’ll be fun and we’ll miss you.
At the entrance, the tickets will be incredible 300 dinars.


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