Freilauf w/ DJ Brka – DiscoNotDisco 23.02.2019. Club 20/44

Freilauf w/ DJ Brka – DiscoNotDisco 23.02.2019. Club 20/44
Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia
Sunrise on the shores of the Sava is a special experience. On the tied boat “Klub 20/44” in Belgrade, several passionate dancers testify to the spectacular closing of the night called “DiscoNotDisco” by the leader of the band Slobodan Brkic, a pillar of the vibrant electronic scene in Belgrade. Encyclopedic knowledge, experience and charm of this gentleman gathers enthusiasts, friends, musicians, horses and heroes in order to bathe in the sound of “Brka”, as they call it miles. Rado was seen as a selector at “Dekmantel” and his mixes “East Of Cosmic” entered the historic memory of the clubbers around the world. His first performance with “Baris K.” from Istanbul and Ilija Rudman recently in 2010 was “Freilauf”, a program that returns with the same intensity and enthusiasm as it used to be. Although “Freilauf” is batting in wine in recent years, it’s time to get back to the dance floor. As with the process of wine buying, as well as in the case, the focus is on a suitable mating. In this case, it is “LukadeLux”, a guy from the eye and a resident of the legendary Zagreb club “Masters”, where he has been tying for years for music. This master of genre selection devotes for the first time to “Freilauf”. A host and a Štimungmaher is “Pepi Yogharda”.

The Garden Brewery, Saturday February 23, 2019 at 20:00
DJ Brka (Club 20/44, DiscoNotDisco)
LukadeLux {Masters Club, Casual Monday)
Pepi Jogarde (Freilauf, Adriatic Coasting, forty: love)
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