Grilled // KC Grad Garden Opening 04.05.2019.

Grilled // KC Grad Garden Opening 04.05.2019.
Braće Krsmanović 4, Belgrade, Serbia
What do you get when the very good Fat Boys burgers join together and just fine Rndmsl friends?
So there is GRILLED action – gourmet music and swimming through juicy burgers.
So, it’s been moving from 19h to a pleasant garden, there we have a nice crunch, we eat and chew it well. And in 00h he goes inside to warn you how to eat everything we eat – along with the Afro tribe sauce, spicy spices and proper house ironing.
You are wondering who will play music and how good will it be to you?
Coach – the tallest coach who knows exactly what muscle to play for you – from those tiny and light African movements, all the way to those hard times when you want to show everyone how much you like a good house.

Trifun – this maybe he’ll play, maybe he’ll play like all the other mortals, but you’ll certainly fall in love with his musical breadth that will lie down to you as the lasso lies on a burger. He says he’ll just turn it around when we move inside the club.
Knower – he does not know how to play downtempo, dub or the oldest hip-hop out, and for sure he knows that everything he’s dropping out will be for the happiest reasons.

A live streaming event is also planned through a plugged in platform!
Entrance to the event – up to 23h free, after 300 rsd.


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