History of SKA Music and Skinhead Movement 30.06.2019. Magazine

History of SKA Music and Skinhead Movement 30.06.2019. Magazine
Kraljevića Marka 4-8, Belgrade, Serbia
After presenting and screening BBC documentaries dealing with the theme of the original skinhead-rudeboy (69-mods) movement, as well as the arrival of reggae and ska music in Great Britain, Peja SKAkavac will hold a mini-lecture and lead a conversation and discussion on these topics.

📽 The film “The Story of Skinhead with Don Letts” also deals with social life in the United Kingdom, giving insight into the social aspect of the movement, fashion, hooliganism as an introduction to emergence and expansion to the abuse of movement and the influence of fascism. With this film we want to break the taboo about the skinhead movement and ska music and to clarify them in the right light, as a primarily antifa and anti-racist movement!

The event is as always free. Whoever wants to, can leave a donation. Come on earlier and stay on later to discuss!


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