How Do I Explain This Son To You? 16.01.2019. Dom omladine

How Do I Explain This Son To You? 16.01.2019. Dom omladine
Makedonska 22, Belgrade, Serbia

Concept and direction: Vojkan Arsic

They play: Dejan Maksimovic, Ema Muratovic, Jelena Simic and Rade Maricic

Performing text and dramaturgy: Filip Grujić

Scene Movement: Andreja Kulešević

Authors: Irena Popović Dragović;

Scene and costume design: Đurđina Samardžić;

Photo and video: Bojan Stekić;

PR and protocol: Milica Kravić Axamit;

Consultants: Maja Maksimović, Vanja Ristić and Branko Birač


About the show:

The play “How Do I Explain This Son To You?” Talks about extremism, how it comes to and what its consequences are. Such a topic is sensitive in today’s society, and our soil has been, and will always be, perfect for the birth of new extremes. That’s why the show shows personal stories, but also explains and classifies the factors of extremism theoretically. The process was a workshop type, in which we worked with young people from different backgrounds and transferred this experience into the play itself. The aim of the show is to introduce young people to all forms of this problem, to show them that the first step in accepting is the different acceptance of their own stereotypes and prejudices, which inevitably exist in man. By refreshing our own extremism, we will find a way to deal with it. Even if it’s a plan.



Word of the director:

“I have never been able to feel like a son, and I wonder if I’ll ever be in a position to explain to my son the world I live in and leave it to live and evolve. As a development of the turn, as the development of organs, as the development of civilization, backward. I would not know how to explain this world to him, but I would know how to explain to him what I feel.

Extremism is a topic that surrounds us, but also that is in us. In this play, we review the attitudes and behavior of the society, but we also count on ourselves and what we all carry in the depths of our brain and stomach. Extremism (Latin “ad extrema”) can be defined as something that goes to its limits, just as our extremities represent endings on our body. The extremes end with the boundary that belongs to us, and beyond it is a world with new boundaries and limitations, which we often have no influence, but we see a slaughterhouse. “Vojkan Arsić


Word of the dramaturge:

“Roland Bart wrote about the death of the author in the sixties. This play does not exist because of the lyrics, nor does it exist to show direct acting or acting braves. The very process of writing the text was running along with the tests, and, therefore, that the tests were different, the final text would, quite surely, be significantly different. The first time I met the work on such a fact-based project, in which I myself made myself to be a journalist and socialist and philosopher and charming and witty and much more inexplicable. But it’s clear that I do not have much. It is clear that my attitude may change due to some subsequent knowledge. Some scenes were written with the desire to explain to people the theoretical aspect of the problem of extremism. In others, I try to figure out with my own (un) knowledge. Therefore, if I have not managed to cover all the problems in the right way, I may succeed next time. And maybe I will never. I do not know. “Filip Grujic


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