IrieFM 15.12.2018. Domu omladine

IrieFM 15.12.2018. Domu omladine
Makedonska 22, Beograd

“Putevi” will officially be on sale from December 15th when the first big Belgrade concert in the Youth House is scheduled. With hits like “Klizis”, “Putevi” and “Love we created”, IrieFM will introduce for the first time all the new songs from the long-awaited album to the Belgrade audience.
After the first album and regeon they were most closely associated with so far, the album “Roads” shows in which directions domestic pop sound can move. In the matrices of the latest sound, excellent and utterly reduced text, the sincerity of this osmosis wins at the moment. IrieFm stands out as a composition that does not make compromises when music is in the audience’s eyes, and the trust of the music lovers is awaiting with confidence.
CD edition “Putevi” + CART for concert can be ordered at pre-sale at a special price of 1499 rsd. while the price of a disc, outside this special offer is 699 rsd. More at

Full ticket price for the concert 15.12.18. is 1,000 rsd (on the day of the concert 1,100 rsd). Tickets will be available at all Eventim sales outlets from Wednesday, October 24th, 18th.

Pregroups: Kezz and DRUM

Kezz – Tamara Ristić is a producer and live looping artist. The new and increasingly popular form of her performances are live sets, in which she mixes her author’s music with electronics and various other genres, and besides all this, she sings and improvises live. The first studio album “Kezz” was released last year by Mascom Records.

The DRAM group has been in existence since May 2017 and belongs to the genre of Blue-Eyed Soul, Pop and American Roots Rocka. DRAM is currently performing live performances with a combination of copyrighted material and non-standard processing by foreign performers.


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