Laibach 12/04/2019 Kombank Hall

Laibach 12/04/2019 Kombank Hall
Kombank Dvorana, Dečanska, Belgrade, Serbia

Provocative Slovenian band Laibach on December 4th in Belgrade!

One of the most provocative bands from the former Yugoslavia, masters of performance and engaging music, the cult Slovenian collective Laibach will hold an exclusive concert for their biggest fans at Belgrade’s Kombank Hall on Wednesday, December 4th, as part of a world tour to present their latest album “The Sound of Music, ”released at the end of 2018. This album came about when Laibach as the first rock band from the West visited North Korea in 2015 to mark the country’s seventieth anniversary of liberation, featuring songs performed on the occasion, as well as music from the then-released documentary “Liberation Day.” Always at the whirlwind of criticism, always expressing their attitude to the contemporary world, Laibach represent true artists on the music scene, and each performance is a multimedia spectacle that communicates in the most direct way to their dedicated audience.

Tickets for this event will be available from Tuesday, September 24 at noon at the Kombank Hall box office and through the Gigstix sales network, and the first buyers are also expecting a very limited number of tickets for a gift price of only 1,690 dinars!

As the number of seats in the hall is very limited, Laibach worshipers are advised to secure their seats on time.

Laibach – The Sound of Music:

In addition to tracks from the new album, the audience will be able to hear the biggest hits from all stages of the band at the Belgrade concert, such as “Life Is Life”, “Resistance Is Futile”, “Death to Death”, “Now You Will Pay” , “Eurovision”, “The Whistleblowers”, and new songs written for the sci-fi movie Iron Sky – The Coming Race, directed by Tim Vuorensole, currently showing in European cinemas.

Laibach – The Whistleblowers:

Over the years, Laibach has had an enviable career in the world, the English press has declared them the most dangerous group in the world, New York radio has announced them as a band to break countries and create new ones on tour of America. Since their inception in 1980, they have played more than 1,000 concerts around the world, on their first European tour in ’83. “Tours of Occupied Europe”, traveled and performed dressed in Yugoslav Army uniforms. The well-known Bavarian radio station Zündfunk / Bayerischer Rundfunk put them on the map of the most important music bands and performers in the history of pop music, while the esteemed English music magazine WIRE ranked their extreme performance at the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant in 1990 among “60 concerts that shook the world”. Over nearly 40 years of existence, the band has released more than thirty albums, made films, completed graduate and doctoral dissertations, and the renowned Boston Institute of Technology has published a book about them, entitled “The Interrogation Machine.” They have influenced many internationally renowned musicians such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein, while their parent label is the renowned London-based Mute Records, which brings together some of the world’s most prominent music names under their roof, such as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, Goldfrapp , Moby, New Order and more. Hated and persecuted by almost all political structures and regimes of the former Yugoslavia, declared inauspicious in Germany, France and Russia, banned in Slovenia and Yugoslavia, and again challenged on their last visit to North Korea, Laibach celebrates its full four decades of existence next year, and Belgrade audiences will on the eve of this anniversary, be able to recall some of your favorite tracks from their rich careers.


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