LP Duo 14.06.2019. DEV9T

LP Duo 14.06.2019. DEV9T
Ciglana Klub Ljubitelja teške industrije, Сланачки пут, Belgrade, Serbia



It’s impossible to talk about the world’s greatest alchemists when it comes to music, and not to mention those of ours!
We are delighted to announce the performance of this magical duo, along with whom we will wait the sunset and the end of the first festival day!

LP Duo consists of Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović. Both are highly award-winning pianists, composers and innovators in the field of contemporary and electronic music.

The elegance of classics, the freedom of jazz and the power of rock and roll are synonymous for their music. They performed all over the world in concert halls like Carnegi Hall, New York, Kennedy Center, Washington, NUS Singapore, Royal Danish Opera & Theater, Copenhagen, etc.
They are one of the initiators of the international, artistic and scientific project “Quantum Music”. The “Quantum Music” project aims to familiarize the wider audience with the philosophy and ideas of quantum physics, but also to simultaneously explore the acoustic properties of sound appearing in experiments in quantum laboratories.

By connecting acoustic pianos with computers and creating a unique sound that brings together the past, present and future, through this project, in cooperation with electrical engineers, a new innovative instrument, a hybrid piano, was created.

When they do not deal with the creation of completely new instruments, the LP duo compose music for the theater, TV, film and within the alternate LP Elektro, they create completely new, retro-electronic music.

Do not miss to hear one of the best alchemists from local scene on Dev9t!

See you!


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