"On the road around the world. Art from Germany. 24.01 – 24.03.2019. MSUB

"On the road around the world. Art from Germany. 24.01 – 24.03.2019. MSUB
Ušće 10, Belgrade, Serbia
24.Jan.2019 - 24.Mar.2019
“On the road around the world. Art from Germany. Art works from the collection of the Institute for International Relations in Culture (IFA) from 1949 to the present ”
Museum of Contemporary Art, Usce 10, Belgrade
Opening: Thursday, January 24, 2019, at 7 pm
Curators of the exhibition: Matijas Flige and Matijas VincenKustos from MSUB: Žaklina Ratković
Various phenomena produced in the German art of the second half of the 20th century can be traced back to the present day. Among other things, it can be seen that video works and video sculptures are becoming more and more important in terms of the history of the reception, but also technically more and more developed. Since the 1950s, the medium of photography has evolved into an autonomous direction in art, but nevertheless remained connected with other artistic practices, reflecting the constant connection between the world of art and social and political issues. From the seventies of the 20th century, along with social development, the role of the artist gets on the importance. Thus, the works of Ulrike Rosenbach, Rebecca Horn, Katarina Frich, Trotzel Trout and others document feminist themes in art, as well as the growing acceptance and importance of women artists in the art world. An important aspect of the exhibition is the personal relationship of curators and artists who often belonged to the same generation, which resulted in an impressive focus on the works of artists belonging to the Fluxus movement.
While the history of East German art was previously viewed as a special case in closed frames, new exhibits are opening up to look at the four decades of parallel development of art in the two Germans, which suggests that the history of art is not followed only by the demands of political history . By comparing the similarities and differences between works and artists, the parallels between Gerhard Altenburg, Bernard Schulz and the drawings of Joseph Bojs, between Herman Glacner and Hans Ulman, Arne Fischer and Sargeesheimer, Sibil Bergeman and Barbara Klem, between Manfred Bucman and Klaus Schott, or in the youngest generation between Julian Reder and Wolfgang Tilmans. The special quality of the exhibition consists of papers on paper, from Hane Heh to Norbert Krike; from Zigmar Polke to Jorinne Foyt.
The exhibition includes various media: painting, drawing, graphics, photography and sculpture, which are viewed together as an integral whole. The exhibition is mostly chronologically placed, and in the chronology of works they are brought into specific contrasts by comparing different expressions or encounters of the East and West. Certain themes are especially in the focus of interest of the curator, for example post-war art between realism and abstraction, pop art, Fluxus, social photography, Behers and their school, etc.
About three hundred works are presented at the exhibition, including about a hundred artists, among them: Diter Apelt, Willie Baumajster, Bernd and Hila Beher, Sibil Bergeman, Joseph Boise, Arno Fischer, Katarina Frich, Elze (Tvin) Gabriel, Iza Gencken, Herman Gleckner, Andreas Gurski, Matthias Hoh, Hannah Heh, Candida Hefer, Rebecca Horn, Barbara Klem, Norbert Kriek, Reinhard Muha, Nam Jung Pike, Helga Paris, Oto Pine, Zigmar Polke, Gerhard Rihter, Klaus Rinke, Julian Reder, Diter Rot , Tomas Ruttenbach, Reiner Rutenbek, Karin Zander, Michael Schmidt, Bernard Schulze, Emil Schumacher, Thomas Shite, Oto Steinerert, Thomas Sturth, Katarina Ziverding, Volfgang Tilmans, Ginter Iker, Volf Fostel, Korine Vazmut, Vols, Ulrich Vist and others.
The art collection of the Institute of Ifa includes parts of the collection of the East German Center for Art Exhibitions, two institutions that merged in 1991.
Exhibition “On the road around the world. Art from Germany “, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Goethe-Institut from Belgrade are organized in cooperation with the Institute for International Relations in Culture (IFA).
The Institute for International Relations in Culture (Institute für Auslandsbeziehungen – ifa) is an important holder of German cultural and educational policy abroad and a leading organization in international dialogue and arts exchange. The Institute is working on creating an international exchange through exhibitions of contemporary art, design and architecture from Germany traveling to the world. The collection consists of more than 23,000 works and represents a unique history of contemporary art created in Germany in the 20th and 21st centuries. Ifa currently organizes about 30 exhibitions featuring more than 200 artists and provides insights into fine arts, photography and film, design and architecture.
The exhibition will last until March 25, 2019


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