Presentation of Imaginaria photography festival 03 – 04/04/2019. Cultural Center

Presentation of Imaginaria photography festival 03 – 04/04/2019. Cultural Center
Kneza Mihaila 6, Belgrade, Serbia
03.Apr.2019 - 04.Apr.2019
Cooperation between the Cultural Center of Belgrade and the Spanish Imaginaria photography festival, which is held every year in Castellon, continues this year. After a successful presentation of the contemporary Belgrade scene in Castellon in April 2018, with the works of Camerades and Vladimir Nikolic, the guest of Belgrade will be the artistic director of Imaginaria Festival, Danijel Belinćon, who will present the festival on Wednesday, April 3rd, at the Artget Gallery starting at 12.00, as well as photographer Olivia Husler from Switzerland.
The importance of this project is the development of the existing and intensification of international cooperation, through the question of the ubiquity of photography and its position in the contemporary world of various media, as well as a call for mutual reflection on the possibilities and ways of its presentation.
The program is organized in cooperation with the Belgrade Month of Photography in 2019 and the Swiss Embassy in Belgrade
WEDNESDAY 3.4.2019.
12.00 Danijel Belinćon – Presentation of Imaginaria photography festival
Understanding the world through pictures, affirming the social need for creativity and defending culture through photography are the hallmarks of the Imaginaria festival, which since 2003 is organized by the Žaume University in Castellon. Over the past 15 editions, more than 400 exhibitions of the authors of national and international prestige have been organized, and hundreds of artists are supported through collectives and institutions that consider culture to be the driver of personal growth. On its way Imaginaria Festival has become a reference festival at the level of the Valencian region and one of the most dynamic on the Spanish territory.
Daniel Belincon (1970, Alcaraz, Albasete, Spain)
He graduated in sociology at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) and studied political science and audiovisual communication. Belinçon is a cultural manager and producer of numerous projects, the founder and director of the Imaginaria International Photography Festival in Castellón del Plano. As curator and organizer, he has realized over 500 exhibitions in the past 15 years.
13.00 Olivia Husler – Opus and the way a free photographer works
Olivia Husler (1957) studied photography at the University of Arts in Zurich as a intern, and for some time she lived as a scholarship holder in Paris. In the 1980s she lived and worked in Nicaragua, she photographed in Chile, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Eastern and Western Europe, North and East Africa and Pakistan. In her photographic essays, she shows the “Young Rising of the Eighties” (Zurich, 1980); War and Peace in Nicaragua; (Zurich 2010); San Solentiname (Zurich 2009 and Managua 2010).
Her photos are in public and private collections, but also at international exhibitions. Olivia Husler teaches photography as a mentor, but also through participation in various forums.
She will present a selection of photographs in the pdf format of the Youth Movement from 1980 in Zurich, and the exhibition will be placed at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador.
The conversation is moderated: Vesna Danilović and David Pujado
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