Red apple 20.12.2018 Kombank hall

Red apple 20.12.2018 Kombank hall
Trg Nikole Pašića, Belgrade, Serbia

Red apple in Kombank Hall: Songs with soul in acoustic version

The red apple, the legendary composition consisting of: Drazen Zeric – Zera, Adrian Boric, Igor Matkovic – Iggy, Krešimir Kaštelan – Krešo and Tomislav Škrak – Tomy, will hold an unplugged concert on December 20 in Belgrade in Kombank Hall within the regular season of the Belgrade Festival Festival. In the ’80s when the band was created and named after the apple brought to the test by some of the initial five, probably no one could have dreamed that decades later, many young people would play their first guitar chords exactly from their songs. It would be even more incredible for them to come out in 2018 to release the 20th album of Red Apple – “Nocturno”. This group, therefore, does not intend to slow down or sleep on old laurels – “Apple” is always fresh, new and even more yellow. Although at the beginning it belonged to the New primitives genre, as the frontman Jerry says, the genre is not important – it is important that it comes from the soul. And all the songs of Red Apple are just songs with a soul.

Since the first album in 1986 (“Running the Rain from the Window,” “Aria”, “Do You Love Me” …) to the latest “Nocturno”, they recorded more than 200 songs, and for the “Dreamer” the Ampex Golden Reel International Award. That’s why it’s no surprise that often more than 30 songs can be heard at their concerts.

Through all that year and all of these songs, Red Apple did not lose the audience – it was just getting a new one and that’s why all the generations can meet in their performances now. When the moment comes to sing some of the most famous hits, such as “Somehow from the Spring” and “I’m Coming to Memories”, it’s completely unnecessary to see thousands of lighters or thousands of screens of mobile phones in the audience – the emotions that the songs of Red Apple carry survive in spite of everything . That is why this time in the Kombank Hall we can expect a spontaneous and touching performance, in which audience will participate as much as the band. And we can expect unexpectedly on it, because as Zera says, “the rules in music do not exist: it’s not mathematics, it’s emotion.”


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